App Development Services

App Development Services


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Consulting & Strategies

ATS will help you to understand the demands of market of every industry for effective strategies

Design & UX

Our team of professionals will provide design and UX services with responsiveness of landing pages and multimedia companies

Engineering & Delivery

We have recruited top-notch talent for engineering and delivering the project you want to be done effectively

QA & Optimization

ATS offers best user experience by ensuring high quality performance of QA & optimization for better customer care


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Mobile App Development Agency in Pakistan

Mobile app development is the key to the success of the digital transformation. Millions of customers and visitors browse the products and services on their mobile phones. Delivering sophisticated mobile apps on time is the top priority of ATS. Our team of experts are 24/7 available for solving your problems and answering queries. We provide high-class services of app development in the market without compromising on the quality and performance. The primary role of ATS is to convert your idea into a market-ready product on schedule without any delays.

Product You Get At The ATS

  • App development
  • Game development
  • Blockchain development
  • Web development

How We Process Our Work?

Our app development projects go through some essential steps that help ATS and our clients to make easy communication. Below are some steps, from which your app will go through :
  • We do business analysis for gathering requirements and documenting specifications.
  • ATS prepare wireframes and wait for the acceptance of the approval by our clients
  • Once we get approval from the client, we start crafting prototypes of apps.
  • Some changes and modifications among the features also come according to the requirement. Our app developers delicately work on client’s project and make it as fine as possible.
  • After making some changes based on our experience, we get our client’s approval and implement client’s feedback to ensure the best quality.
  • Our consultants and expert developers start working on the strategies that ATS implement on the client project.
  • The testing strategy is essential for us, and we process the app by experimenting and testing for final product development.
  • Once we get approval from the client, we deliver it and wait for our customer for getting positive feedback.
Our Values

Mobile apps own handsome chunks of the online market. It is a crucial investment for a person to implement in his business. Every customer is important to us, and we value the demand of our customer. ATS always struggles to fulfil the demand of its customers. We believe in advance and user-friendly approaches for providing next-level apps for our customers. We help our customer to achieve their goals in the online market.

What do We use For Developing Top-Notch Apps?


ATS uses Java for android development, game app development and other expertise to startup businesses and enterprises. We mainly focus on this language because it is one of the official android languages, which is simple and more comfortable. In this way, our clients who have technical knowledge can handle their apps on their own.

ATS has an impressive team of developers who offer excellent skills in Kotlin for designing app solutions. We use kotlin for meeting the requirements of businesses who target both Android and iOS.

It is not a significant problem for ATS whether you want to develop a website or android app. Our programmers provide exceptional skills by using HTML5 and other useful programming languages. Javascript gives us freedom for designing the website according to the exact requirements of our customers. It helps us to convert your imagination in reality.

ATS will provide you with next-level strategies and development services for iOS apps and the designing of mobile app games. Swift is more comfortable and convenient for ATS to use, which helps us keep everything as simple. It ensures flexibility in app development.


Our agency offers convenient services to help enterprises boost their business. We have experts for Room databases which will help your every single query.

SQLite is a two-way database management system which is famous because of portability. ATS offer expertise to increase the benefits and positive effects on the startup businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

The most basic building block that you need to learn and practice in the android development is Java language. If you want to become a successful android developer, you need to learn some important attributes of Java such as loops, variables, lists, and structure controls.

Well, there is not any fix cost for developing an adnroid app. Every firm and agency has their own charges depending on their market reputation, their performance and several other things. But according to some surveys, it cost between $10,000 to $50,000 for a high grade app. The more complex functions you demand the more cost it need.

There are several things that you need to consider for hiring an android developer. For example, get a basic knowledge  for the type of app you want. So, in this way you will bew more familiar with the developing sense of the developer. On the other hand, demand the portfolio of the person you are hiring to check whether he is capable for doing the job or not. The last and the most important thing is to discuss the budget and requirements.

On average, it takes three to nine months for developing a app. But mostly, it depends on the number of person whether your app is being developed by a single person or a team of five.


The risk of stealing idea is in every business. Anyone can pick your idea no matter its a developer or your competitor. That is why we suggest to consult trust worthy consultants.

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