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Successful Journey Of Our Client Campaign Project From $40K To $150K

Are you struggling to boost up your sales? Then this case study is going to produce some adrenaline in your body. Also this achievement has influenced our confidence to the next level for marketing and other digital marketing projects. Let’s jump into the details and learn how we established this Cooking Game from zero to hero.

1 – Marketing Analysis

Our marketing experts and researchers evaluated the market where our clients wanted to launch the mobile game. He wanted to launch his game in multiple countries that are interested in his game. Luckily, after a couple of weeks, we came to an end with a plan in which we targeted the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, France and Canada which established several streamlines for revenue generation.

2 – Sales Funnel

At first, we faced some technical issues in the game. After sorting out some early issues we started working on the funnel. Our marketing experts brainstormed and targeted the audience that will start filling our sales funnel in just few weeks. 

As our game was a Cooking Game, we found the best audience for the targeted regions who were interested in playing cooking games. It helped our client game to achieve the massive exposure of our sales funnel. 

3 – Platforms We Used For Marketing

Our marketing experts targeted three platforms for advertisement such as Facebook, Google Adwords, and Apple Search Ads. The main purpose of these Ad campaigns on different platforms is to bring downloads of the game in bulk and achieving in-app purchasing throughout the process. 

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has influenced our marketing strategies because after conducting the market research, we noticed that our client game has more active users on Facebook. According to Facebook Audience Insights there were 67% of Women and 33% of Men who were interested in playing cooking games. It’s the right time to provide them something that interests them. And as a result, our App Installs graph started rising.

Google Adwords

The main purpose of the Google Adword and PPC campaign is to bring more organic results in downloading and in-app purchasing. The strategies of Google Adwords impacted our keywords and ranking as well in a positive way.

Apple Search Ads

Our 40% potential audience in the sales funnel was the result of Apple search ads (it was not surprising, because our targeted country was usa, uk, and there are this much number of iphone users). While doing the market and audience analysis, we concluded that IOS users are also interested in our Cooking game. ATS thought it was a golden opportunity and started installation campaigns on apple search ads.

So we initiated with the Install campaigns, with an objective to boost our ranking of keywords and ranking of our mobile game in the respective category. The second benefit we got that we increased our funnel with many potential users for the game.

BINGO! We attained mind-blowing results with this strategy. It not only helped us to gain Installs but also enabled us to boost our ranking and keywords. Check out the below graph of keyword ranking that we shared :

From our marketing strategies, the position goes up from 50th position to 4th position in the market we targeted. Moreover, we also sustained the #1 and #2 ranking in many other countries that we targeted for in-app purchases and Installs. We potentially used Facebook Ads and Google Adwords more than the apple search ads. 

The ranking was not our only goal with our client’s project. We have started campaigns for app installs in the first quarter of 2020. You can see the growth with our marketing strategies in the below graph.

Downfall We Faced!

In March, our experts take action on behalf of our client. We stopped the installation campaigns to see the organic ranking and response after our marketing campaigns, which results in a decrease in the graph. The game started getting less users, and it also impacted our in-app purchasing. After proposing a strategy plan to our client, we determined our weak points and started working again on app-installation campaigns.

After presenting our effective strategy plan, the client agreed to run againg the advertising campaigns, because it’s not hard math if we are earning 10x from a business, it will not hurt us to reinvest 1x or 2x in the business to sky rocket it’s success. 

The main purpose of the installation campaign was to stabilize the ranking of keywords. The good thing is after two months of consistent campaign stuff, and we noticed massive growth in in-app purchases and installation.

Ranking Of Category

Here comes an interesting part of this case study, we also aimed to rank this game category-wise but did not expect this many fast results. Our marketing experts used some result-oriented strategies in campaigns to rank the category of Top Grossing Casual Games. These strategies of ATS boost the ROI by drastically ranking the game category. Have a look at below’s graph:

Revenue Generation

The most anticipated point of our case study for you is the REVENUE we GENERATED. When our client reached us, he was generating 22% revenue which was extremely low from our perspective. 

After all the marketing strategies of sustaining the installation and in-app purchasing of the game, the revenue boost 4x from $40K to $148K. Our Team has improved the downloads and generated the ROI up to 300%, This is the result of that we targeted the potential audience in the targeted regions and bringing them into the sale funnel which reduced the cost of marketing campaigns and increased the revenue.

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