Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) Services


More Leads, More Conversions, More Revenue

PPC Audit

Our certified specialists conduct an in-depth evaluation of your current and past PPC efforts to identify gaps and redirect PPC strategy for greater ROI.

Keyword Research And Analysis

Our PPC experts utilize a myriad of tools to understand your TA’s search habits. Based on this, they constantly refine the keyword list to improve performance in search.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our PPC management services include convincing PPC ads, landing page design reviews, and user-friendly lead generation forms to improve your conversion rate.

Paid Search

Enlist our PPC services to put your brand at the top of search results. Our paid search specialists work on PPC bidding strategies to improve ranking and impression share.

Shopping Ads

As an eCommerce specialist PPC agency, we use our expertise to get best outcome from the shopping ads and increase conversion.

Retargeting PPC

With our remarketing PPC campaigns, promote your brand offerings to the right users, at the right time to re-engage lost customers.


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Pay Per Click (PPC) Agency in Pakistan

We go through a survey in which we found that 70% of the audience on the internet find online products and services by paid advertisement. It helps them to find better local products and services. PPC ads are one of the most effective and flexible ways to bring your business on top in search engines. It also enables a company to get on the top spot by paying to google. ATS welcomes customers and visitors who are looking for the best PPC services in the online world.

What ATS Offers In The PPC Management

Analysis Of Competitors: ATS will do a complete analysis of your industry and competitors for better understanding. Moreover, we will determine some local investors who are investing in PPC campaigns. It will help our firm and your business to grow more effectively. Determining monthly search volume and terms that are widely or locally searched is one of the most important things in the analysis which ATS will proudly do. On the other hand, you will also get cost-per-lead as less as possible with some useful techniques

Data-Driven Ads: ATS will use efficient tools for researching the behaviour of your customers and audience. The way your customer searches about the product or service is very important in the scenario of PPC. Moreover, ATS will create effective Ad copies for improving the performance of the ads. Most importantly, our experts will conduct competitor research on ad copies and creatives.

PPC Ad Tracking: You will get tracking and monitoring of your campaigns on a daily, monthly, weekly basis. It will include the tracking of CTR, Adpositions, lead generations, optimization of Cost-per-click.

Management Of Campaigns: ATS will manage every Ad campaign and tweak bids for each campaign. On the other hand, we will track the keywords search queries for optimization and better performance.

Campaigns On Different Platforms: In our services, you will also get paid marketing service on different social media platforms for generating more profit, conversion, and leads such as Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Is Hiring ATS Company For PPC Good?

Well, that is really a good question that will come in your mind for other firms as well. It is quite possible that you are losing your ranking and business leads due to your competitors which are affecting your business. However, PPC is a must for you in this situation. Generally, there are two ways that you can use for increasing the visibility of your business, one is SEO and the other one is PPC. Sometimes SEO is more beneficial which ATS also offers for increasing the visibility. But as a business owner, you will definitely need PPC for selling your product, launching new variations and many more.

The second reason you need to hire ATS is that as a start-up business owner, you may not know the facts and figures that our agency knows for providing best PPC services. Some businessmen don’t even have time for managing campaigns. ATS make sure each and every step beneficial for business start-ups.

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