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Video Editing Services


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Video Animation Agency in Pakistan

ATS has gathered highly experienced video animators for providing top-notch video editing services. Investing in video animation is one of the most beneficial things you will provide to your business. ATS provides innovative and creative video editing services by brainstorming in something new that attracts the audience. Our next level video editing skills will surely grab the attention of your audience for engagement.

Our Expertise

Whiteboard Animation

ATS always ensures to deliver Whiteboard animated videos in a sophisticated manner. Our experts use high quality and professional tools with their intelligent minds for creating masterpieces for your business and brand. The best thing about animated video is that it not only takes the attention of the audience but also enables them to spend more time on your business. In case you didn’t know which will be the ideal length of video, let ATS remind you that an average high quality video should not be longer than 3 minutes. Your video needs to be generic, attractive and should convey the message you want. ATS will help you to achieve all of these attributes at an affordable budget.

A video length more than 3 minutes will distract the audience and he will start getting bored unless you provide something valuable. In fact, we will recommend you to keep the video length of 2 minutes only by using professional video editing services of ATS.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is our second top notch service that you will get for your business. We know how important it is to motivate the customer for buying your service or product. In fact, targeting the video content for the right audience sometimes gives more than a person expects.  At our video editing agency, you will manage multimedia content such as “ Motion Graphics “ by incorporating characters that engage the viewer. We bet that your business will get a boost once your message gets clicked in the mind of the audience.

2D Video Animation

A 2D video explainer is one of the best things that you can give to your audience and customers for guiding them on the right path. This will help your business to make strong bonding with the audience and you will win the trust of your customers.  By using the experience of our experts, you will convey the complex concepts and description of the product conveniently to your customers without compromising on the video quality.


By using typography services of ATS, you will get next level creativity with attractive color blending in fonts. Typography is a need of successful business, because any customer gets attracted towards the company by watching video ads and creativity. For example if a competitor has used basic video animation with low graphic quality and without any typography touch. Then you can beat your competitors by providing more valuable and high quality typography animation

Our Process Of Animating High Quality Video

We understand the requirements of our customer and even provide him with more effective ideas that stand perfect for his plan. This form factor helps us to communicate with our customers more easily. A detailed specification that we implement in video is most important to us

After that, we take notice of your plan and start working on it in a decent manner. Our highly professional writers do the script job for you that ensures ideal branding. Our writers work intensely on the script for gaining the attention of the audience.

Storytelling & Characters

It is one of the most important factors that we take seriously. We have some experts with an intelligent mind who showcase the required character for the animated video according to the story


In our perspective, every video is incomplete with the voiceover. ATS always ensure the quality of video by providing fresh and accurate voiceover services for getting the attention of the audience

Animation Process

Once we decide the above factors, we start blending each component for making a final by product for your business. All of the blending goes in a decent manner so that our clients can also understand what we are doing and where they need our suggestions the most.

Finalizing The Process

At this stage almost 905 of the video has been created with so much dedication and effort. In the end point, we give final touches to the video so that no defects stay behind the processing of the video. Our priority is to give delivery on time to win our customer’s satisfaction and trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a video animation depends on the person or agency who provide services. But if you want to get a roughly estimation, then a 60 second animated video cost around $1000-$5000 depends on various factors, such as style and scope.

Film making and video editing is a good career. Many people are doing it for years and making a good amount of money. The only thing a video editing career demands is passion and patience. If you are eager to learn new things in video editing then this career may be a good fit in your life.

Every software has different management of animation effects. For example, video animation services of microsoft products can be operated by narrowing down the next animation effects.

The only disadvantage of video animation is that not every start-up brand can afforda expensive prices and cost of video animation. But, the best part about video animation is that you can use 2D animation instead of 3D video animation.

The first and the most important rule of video animation is that it should be believeable and realistic. For making a believable attributes in the video, you need to provide faithful concepts. Secondly, you need to spread the message that you want instead of letting them figure out what the video is about.

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