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Guest Posting Services


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Guest Post Services By Amazing Tech Solutions

Guest posting has the power to bring the potential for your blog or website. It can create several streamlines to drive organic traffic via different websites, resulting in more sales of products and services. Moreover, you can also build your brand voice with consistency. Mostly, new websites struggle to increase their traffic and domain authority but fail to do so. They lack knowledge of technical SEO tactics and do not have enough experience to achieve goals faster. That was a problem until you reached Amazing Tech Solutions. We promised 100% effective results for your blog or website at an affordable price to help your brand establishment.

Who Can Avail Our Services?

1 – Entrepreneurs / Online Businesses

Every entrepreneur who wants to start from scratch or any business that aims to achieve an online presence can get our guest posting services. Our experts will help your business achieve more visibility in the search engine with premium backlinks and off-page strategies. We don’t sell the backlink only, but a complete SEO strategy.

2 – SEO Agencies

Running an SEO agency might be difficult sometimes because of the heavy workload. We understand the hard work and struggle to outreach for link building. Let us handle your off-page and ensure top-notch services that will result in endless benefits. 

3 – Affiliate Marketers

ATS understands that you already have too much workload to handle such as niche finding, blog creation, publishing articles, and writing sales copy. Don’t worry, We got your back for solving some of your problems. We will partner your blog with our outreaching experts to handle your guest posting so that you can focus on the core points of your blog or website.

How It Works

Share Your Order Details

Share your anchor text and target URL on which you want a guest post with instructions (if any). Our experts will review your details to check whether it needs some modifications or not. It will help us to find a suitable placement for your guest posting.

Writing & Prospecting

Once the placement is decided upon, our top-notch content writers will start writing a blogpost that shows value to the website we chose and the reader who is reading that piece of content. ATS will create an engaging and unique copy of content that incorporates the URL. 

White Label Reporting

Once our writers have published the post on the platform after quality checks, we will share it for review in the form of white label report.

Is Our Services Of Guest Posting Right For You?

There are several benefits that you will get from our guest posting services:

You will get the attention of new readers which will become your organic visitors

It will improve off-page SEO of your website

You will get customized solutions that we figured for small and large enterprises

Getting high quality backlinks will improve your website performance and you will start increasing your domain authority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guest posting is not a manipulative technique. However, you are getting recommendations on your website that you are the best from other competitive bloggers.

The link insertion is a crucial part, we will place your link on the anchor text between the two lines that represents descriptive meaning of what the anchor text is about.

Using guest posting will allow you to connect your website with authoritative websites. In this way, search engines will consider you as a brand or a platform that provides legit information for a specific subject. You will get a rank boost and will start driving more organic traffic.

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