Facebook & Instagram Marketing Services

Facebook & Instagram Marketing Services


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Strategy planning

Make right plans for implementing strategies to bring traffic and convert them into the loyal customers

Account/profile creation and branding

We will help you to set up your social media accounts for branding and growing your business in the online market

Content creation

Our content creators brainstorm for your industry to create engaging and valuable content which matters to the audience.

Content Publishing

ATS will help you to make a perfect content calender for ;ublishing content to engage your audience with your brand

Research and analysis

Our SMM experts use their high intellectual brains for in-depth research to analyze best strategies for your industries

Campaign and community management

ATS will manage all campaigns for your business to bring more profit and leads by managing communities


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Facebook & Instagram Marketing Agency in Pakistan

Facebook and Instagram have now become powerful platforms to increase the sales and lead generation of a business. They provide endless marketing benefits to entrepreneurs and startup businesses for selling products and services to the right audience. In the past few years, it was difficult to utilize Facebook marketing services for introducing new ideas and inventions in the industry due to a lack of knowledge and resources. Most of the businesses are still not getting the benefits of Facebook Ads & Instagram marketing. If you are one of them, your business will lose 50% potential by not reaching the right customer.

Why Does Your Business Need a Facebook Marketing Company?

The first and the foremost reason your business needs Facebook Ads is for targeting the right audience. Facebook has billions of users, which means that if you use the right strategies, your business will get a boost. On the other hand, you can easily contact or elaborate with B2C and B2B businesses. It provides enough leverage to companies if used effectively.

The main goal of Facebook ads is to bring businesses that are valuable and can provide benefits to users and customers. For this purpose, Facebook has provided audience transparency which provides your business with a high control level. By using Facebook messenger marketing, you can :

  • Engage your fans or followers on Facebook
  • You can engage with the friends and followers of your followers.
  • Check your follower’s behaviour and interest about what they want, their need, and what they should buy from you.
  • Target the audience that has already visited your page, site or business platform for other product launches and services.

Instagram Marketing For Your Business Benefits – The Right Choice For Your Business

Instagram is the largest social interaction platform globally that polished the career of millions of influencers and provided unlimited benefits to entrepreneurs. The fact is that the impact of visual content on Instagram is more beneficial than Facebook or Twitter. Your business can make a huge difference among your competitors by creating a social network.

While getting social media marketing packages, make sure that the firm you choose targets the following benefits that we shared below :

  • Instagram Marketing enables a website to connect with Instagram for driving traffic and creating cross-channel management. It is a perfect way to manipulate someone effectively for following you, which will also start building your credibility in your business.
  • On the other hand, Instagram marketing tools can help a business owner work smartly, effectively, and with a little hard work. Sales experts said that this platform (Instagram) is a perfect way to drive customers and generate e-commerce business leads.
  • You can build your community by engaging with your audience, interacting with their emotions, providing them something useful from your feed. It is a great way to build relationships with your audience for the long-term and convert them into your business customer. You will be surprised after knowing that Instagram users spend more time on it than using other social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.
  • The last and most crucial benefit of Instagram marketing is that you can promote your products or services with IG influencers’ help related to your industry. The influencers on Instagram are the people that people trust upon. They have millions and thousands of followers, which mean promoting your product via them is an effective way to sell.

Do I Need Facebook Ads & Instagram Marketing?

Well, that depends on so many things, but we will keep it short for you. If you are an e-commerce business owner or sell products, then these two tactics are a must for you. Moreover, using Facebook marketing services is also a must for you if your business is all about service providing. You need to keep your step ahead of your competitors to grab more potential and leave a few chunks for others. If you don’t know where to start, then Amazing Tech Solutions is here for you to provide the solutions you are looking for in your business. We are a top-rated digital marketing company in Pakistan, and we proudly claim that hundreds of successful local entrepreneurs are the result of our experts and strategies.

Our Facebook marketing experts are always available to solve your business problems effectively, which will result in building the authority of your business in the industry.

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